Pamela Represents ELA at University of Washington

Puget Sound Writing Project (PSWP) commissioned Pamela Sackett to return again this year (2015) for PSWP summer writing workshop for teens at the University of Washington. Pamela was given open license to perform from any portion of her body of work, according to the course instructor Christina Roux’s objectives of demonstrating diversity in writing forms, the drawing from one’s own self as resource and inspiring students in building their creative composition and public presentation skills. Pamela’s two-part performance prompted students to think and talk about the characters in their written stories as well to think about themselves, central characters in their own life stories. A feeling-full time was had by all.

Update: Pamela was invited to return for the July 2016, 2018 and 2019 sessions at UW, as well. Sessions in 2018 and 2019 were led by course instructor Julie Olsen.

ELA Selected For Web Redesign

UW Human Centered Design & EngineeringA design team from the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design & Engineering program selected ELA as a candidate for a web site redesign. The class teaches how to use evidence from site analytics, use-case studies and user interviews to inform web site designs to answer visitor desires. Watch this space for exciting changes!


ELA at Microsoft Non-profit Fair

ELA at Microsoft non-profit fair
ELA board members Daniel Sackett, Mark Magill, founder Pamela Sackett

ELA answered an invitation to participate at Microsoft’s annual non-profit fair to appear for two days out of the five-day fair, once on the day focused on educational organizations, and again for the day for arts organizations. ELA board members Daniel Sackett, Mark Magill and Pamela Sackett (pictured above) spoke to curious passers-by, gave out Five Ways brochures and other literature and answered questions.

Booing Death Inspires Young Writers

Seattle public school language arts teacher Christina Roux invited Pamela Sackett into her classroom again (see November 2013 below), this time for her 2014 University of Washington Summer Youth Program High School Course under the auspices of Puget Sound Writing Project (PSWP).

Pamela performed excerpts from Booing Death. Some excerpts included performance with Ms. Roux’s talented teacher’s assistant, Julie Olsen, who has an impressive background in theatre and opera. Pamela provided musical interludes between each reading and revisited the classroom a second time to conduct a specially-designed exercise to inspire the students to delve deeper and more courageously into their writing and reflecting process.

The writing program description, in part: “Improve your opportunities in life by learning to write well. Study strategies, habits, and fundamentals of great writers that lead to effective writing.” Sackett’s Booing Death excerpts were a substantial part of the class reader, keeping company with the likes of Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Theodore Roethke, Willaim Faulkner, Mark Twain and Charlotte Bronte, among other notables.

Buy Books at Barnes & Noble to Support ELA

Barnes & Noble has chosen Emotion Literacy Advocates as the beneficiary of book sales during a bookfair. To have a portion of your purchases go to ELA at no additional cost to you, just include Bookfair number 11370368 with any store purchases made May 8th – 15th or any online purchases May 8th – May 20th. For online purchases, include Bookfair number 11370368 beneath the credit card information area during checkout. Thanks, B&N and you for supporting ELA!

Booing Death Goes to School

Seattle’s Roosevelt High School selected Booing Death for “Book Seminar,” an honors credit literature course. Students read Booing Death and were invited to attend an author event in Seattle. The course culminated with the author’s visit to the classroom. The brainchild of language arts teacher Christina Roux, whose expressed aim was to bring a “living author and her work” to the classroom. Based on student feedback about the book, author reading/signing event attendance and students’ study guide response narratives, the program was a grand success!

Portions of Booing Death were integrated into a drama therapy curriculum this fall at Antioch University, Seattle, thanks to Bobbi Kidder, MA program faculty and Drama Therapy Coordinator. Students received selected excerpts from the book and, subsequently, Pamela visited the class to read the pieces and address questions. Students engaged with the material through writing and movement exercises conducted by Professor Kidder. Booing Death served well as a catalyst for internal landscape exploration and skill-building.

For more details or to bring Booing Death to your classroom, please contact ELA.

See and Hear Booing Death in October

This month’s live events for ELA’s latest release have been scheduled for:

TUESDAY • October 15 • 9:00 – 10:00 PM
CFRO FM 100.5
Vancouver Co-op Radio’s World Poetry Cafe
Vancouver, BC

THURSDAY • October 17 • 6:30 PM
at Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Ave, Vancouver BC

The author will read selected pieces, punctuated with brief musical interludes, followed by Q & A.

Booing Death Events Go Swimmingly

The first two events promoting Booing Death were blossoming successes. Both were well attended with diverse groups, favoring the presentation with rapt focus and thoughtful questions. Over half those attending purchased books. Here are a few pictures from the first event.

Elliott Bay Books Billboard
The crowd gathers at Elliott Bay Books
The crowd gathers at Elliott Bay Books


Booing Death
The author, Pamela Sackett
The author


See and Hear Booing Death

Opportunities to experience live readings of ELA’s latest release have been scheduled for:

TUESDAY • September 10 • 7:00 PM
at Elliott Bay Book Company
1521 10th Ave, Seattle

THURSDAY • September 26 • 7:00 PM
Sponsored by University Book Store
at University Temple United Methodist Church
1415 NE 43rd Street, Seattle

The author will read selected pieces, punctuated with brief musical interludes, followed by Q & A.