“I Can: Twelve Ways to Witness the Heart” @ East West Bookshop

On October 17, 2019, in East West Bookshop’s presentation room,
Stan Dombrowski introduced Pamela

Pamela entered the scene, welcomed the audience
and shared how her book came about…
she then proceeded with her tone-setting song
“Lotus Blue”

Pamela then read from her new book
I Can: Twelve Ways to Witness the Heart
responded to questions from the audience…

I loved the vitality with which you read from your book,
just your vitality in general…
I loved hearing, first-hand, the conviction
behind your well-chosen words…
I’m looking forward to reading your book…
thanks so much for the beautiful reading
and wonderful songs!
~gathered from audience feedback forms

Heartfelt to hear in person. ~ Phil Miller

Pamela’s whole presentation
always extremely engaging
and my favorite issues
to talk about…
there is a dramatic value
to her communication style…

I love it!
~Becky Gimelli, psychologist


…what a wonderful star that led you to my life…what a gift you are—what wisdom, clarity,
generosity of mind and spirit…
lovely and learned and soooooo refreshingly
and unabashedly human.
~Jennifer Joslyn Sill

Thanks for inviting me
to hear your book reading.
The discussion you and others provided,
during and after the reading parts,
gave me more to think about and understand.
I haven’t read the book yet
but now I’m more interested in it
and how it can help me and others I know.

~Eric Farris

Pamela closed with her I Can book’s theme song, “Inside My Head”

…clear, accessible, enlightening, validating, healing, endearing.
~ Jennifer Johnson

Here is where I Can book info can be found.

Here is where you can read about
our first launch in July @ Dandelion Botanical
and see a brief video of Pamela performing the book’s theme song
with long-time singing collaborator Nalini Lasiewicz.

Thank you for your interest!

Event photos: Nadia Nurmukhametova
Recorded songs’ vocal, guitar, composition: Pamela Sackett

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