ELA’s Creative Team Acknowledgement!

parrish troll bridge woods
photo: Parrish Priest

We are grateful to the collaborative artists who lend their gifts and expertise, time and energy, fine instincts and sense-abilities to our multi-media learning tool production process and results.* 

ELSOTA!: Emotion Literacy School ON THE AIR

CD Design: www.walshdesign.com

ELSOTA! Credits
Executive Producer, Script
Pamela Sackett

Technical Director, Original Music
Guy Nelson

ELSOTA! Series Cast
(in order of appearance)
Guy Nelson as “The Announcer”
Fredrick Molitch as “Freddy”
Pamela Sackett as “Pamela”
Sue Ellen Katz as “Francie” and “Roz”
David Silverman as “Elliott Glazer”

The Full Spectrum Birthday Song

Composer, performer
& producer:
Pamela Sackett

CD cover illustration: Mark Magill
Sound engineering, CD design
& photo
: Daniel Sackett

Sound effects, engineering:
Guy Nelson


“…for the audience of you inside.”

ovation_front_cover_webComposer, performer
& producer:
Pamela Sackett
Instrumentals & sound effects :
Guy Nelson
Sound engineering & photos:
Daniel Sackett

CD cover illustration: Mark Magill
CD design: Tina Hottovy

“…for the knowing you inside.”

Pink CD insert cover art

Composer, performer
& producer:
Pamela Sackett
Instrumentals: Guy Nelson
Sound engineering & CD design:
Daniel Sackett

CD cover photo “The Visionary”:
 Mark Magill



The Ducks & Us Song
a musical interlude with wildlife, feelings and food
Story Characters, Vocals
Pamela Sackett: “narrator”
Northwest Boychoir: vocals
Timothy Piggee: “Lou”
Michael Loggins: “Chas”
Teresa Clark: “Claire”
Elisabeth Williams: “Kate”
Maggie Holmes: Kate’s ‘ahem


Pamela Sackett: composer, rhythm guitar, design concepts
Guy Nelson: Boychoir recording engineer, flute
Kenyon Curtiss: synthesizers, strings
Daniel Sackett: recording engineer, graphics, editorial
Ben Kromholtz: choral arrangement, Boychoir conductor
Mark Magill: graphics consultation

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