Program Intro in audio

jr-gorgeous-trees-with-dapples-of-lightEmotion Literacy Advocates presents Pamela Sackett, our principal artist and founder, describing  ELA’s certification program curriculum’s core purpose, advantages and its arts-based methods.

The mp3 audio (13:24) includes a few excerpts from the musical and theatrical parts of the curriculum. Just click the little arrow on the left of the horizontal bar below to start:








Gratitude to our curriculum cast & crew featured in this audio:

David Silverman “Jeff”
Frederick Molitch “Charlie”
Guy Nelson: vocals, instrumentals, arrangements
“My Alphabet to Freedom” and “Passageway”
Gwen Haw: vocals “Passageway
Pamela Sackett: all narrative content, vocal, guitar
Daniel Sackett: Recording engineer, mix, editorial images

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