ABOUT “Ask ELA” blog

“Ask ELA” is here!

Dale Klein's vintage typewriter
Image by Dale J. Klein

“Ask ELA” is a branch of Emotion Literacy Advocates, offered to anyone with sincere curiosity and interest in  ELA perspectives on real life situations and relationships. We will answer as many genuine requests for perspectives as we can and apologize, in advance, if we are unable to address them all. Some questions have arisen from our direct engagement with “emotion literacy explorers” who have experienced ELA programs.

Much of what you will find here is driven by an intent to untangle habitual ways of thinking–with which we all wrestle–and to weave new ways.

In ELA-land, narrative is key and feeling-inquisitive narrative sheds light, opens perceptual doors, feeds freedom to revise our thinking for insight,  growth and authentic connections.

We use the epistemological approach to social-cultural-emotionally-charged human communication systems by considering our train of thought’s sources, methods and limitations.

Stretch your EL advocacy muscle every which way…”Ask ELA” today! Send your “Ask ELA” question via our contact page.